Buy seaweed from sustainable seaweed farmers

Extract maximum value using proprietary technology

Bio-packaging material


Protein and fibre

 Sell Oceanium's premium, plant based products B2B 


Oceanium's primary focus is on the development of two product streams: 


Home Compostable Bio-packaging 


Natural Food Ingredients & Nutrition Products

All of our products are produced using sustainably-farmed seaweed and green chemistry.   

Our seaweed is sourced from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic offering traceable provenance.

The algae products market was $3.98bn in 2018 and is expected to grow to $5.17bn by 2023



Utilizing an innovative green chemistry, Oceanium will produce a home compostable bio-packaging material to replace current food packaging which has no end of life solutions. 

Oceanware    will be 100% natural and its end of life solution is to to be disposed of with food waste which will then be composted for soil health or for anaerobic digestion for energy.  


Unlike competing feedstocks for packaging, such as fossil fuels or corn, Oceanware will be processed close to seaweed farms. 

Seaweed does not require land/water/fertiliser,  it sequesters carbon and removes excess nutrients from surrounding waters. 


Food and nutrition products

Seaweed contains valuable food ingredients and bioactive nutraceuticals.


Using an innovative biorefinery approach, Oceanium will extract valuable food ingredients including protein, fibre and nutraceuticals to meet the increasing demand for vegan, sustainably-cultivated food ingredients with transparent provenance.  


Unlike competing vegan protein sources such as soy, seaweed does not require cleared land, freshwater, insecticide, or fertiliser. 


Oceanium's seaweed will be sourced from the cold clear waters of the North Atlantic and sustainably farmed, never wild harvested.